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If this song touches your heart, please share it with others. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to local Alzheimer’s organizations that provide vital support to the community. It takes a village... Thanks for your care. :)

My name is Bee. I have spent several years in the trenches of the Alzheimer’s and mental illness battle grounds, doing everything in my power to fight for my dear friends; my parents. After many years of managing at home, they are now finally in a care facility.

In thinking back over the years of caring for them, I remember how very alone I felt at times. It was all I could do to navigate a vast array of gut wrenching emotions as I strived to find the balance between preserving their present state of mind while, at the same time, mourning the loss of who they once were. My parents had been the wind beneath my wings all my life and then, all of a sudden, I found myself having to be theirs. It took everything within me, and much more, to be their strength when I felt broken, their hope when things seemed hopeless and their peace when my heart was in turmoil, all while trying to preserve their sense of independence and dignity. If you have a loved one with Alzheimer's, I know you can relate.

It was our journey with Alzheimer’s that led me to write this song; Its message to let other caregivers know that they are not alone; Many have gone before and can attest to the fact that there is light at the end. That it’s normal to feel angry at God and OK to question Him as to why. He will show you when you are ready. As our loved ones needs increase, we have to accept that we can’t do it all. The weight of guilt throughout the entire process can crush us if we let it, and will prevent us from the most important task of all, just loving them.

I pray that “Heartsong” will speak to your heart and will help to strengthen you to love completely, but with open arms as you entrust your loved one into the arms of God. 

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What I wouldn't give for one more day with you
I’m grasping every flicker of what used to be you
Your memories seep like sand through twisted fingers
Between time and eternity your soul lingers

Trapped on the outside you struggle to break in
It’s cold out there and the light’s growing dim
You’re slipping into the abyss
Some reward for faith you’re living with

But I know your heartsong
And I'll sing it when you've forgotten
Each note, a star to light your way
Shining with Goodness
Surrounded by Mercy
All the days, all of your days
All the way home

(Instrumental hymn: Surely Goodness and Mercy)

It hurts to know you'll never remember
All the things I'll never forget
I miss you most when we're together
At times, as if we’ve never met

Now as the Father pulls you closer
I will loosen my embrace
The darkest hour’s before the morning
When you’ll see Him face to face

And He knows your heartsong
And He’ll sing it when you've forgotten
Each note, a star to light your way
Shining with Goodness
Surrounded by Mercy
All the days, all of your days
Every step, all along the way
All the way home

(Instrumental Hymn: Surely Goodness and Mercy)


released February 20, 2016
A huge thank you to our beautiful cellist, Kathleen de Caen, to Laura Seabrook who has been my light in the dark, a soul mate to “grams”, and plays a sweet piano, and to Peter Stone for bringing out the beauty. <3



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BeeLight Edmonton, Alberta

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